English for Meditation

This is English for Meditation, a course for Pre-Intermediate to Upper-Intermediate (A2-B2) learners of English.

Up to 500 million people worldwide meditate. As the benefits of mediation, both on our physical and our psychological health, are identified by modern scientific tools, inevitably more people will express an interest in this way of living.

English for Meditation is a first of its kind. It is specifically created for individuals who have an interest in meditation, yoga, and spiritual enlightenment. In this course you will learn words and phrases which are commonly used in meditation, as well as enjoy learning from the varied content the lessons present. Moreover, each lesson ends with a guided meditation so you can practise meditation while learning English at the same time.   

  • Do you practice meditation, yoga or martial arts?
  • Are you a meditation or yoga trainer?
  • Do you wish to go for yoga or meditation abroad?
  • Do you wish to join online communities and take part in international discussions?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then you simply cannot miss English for Meditation!

Yoga class on the beach

Each lesson in this course includes:

  • student materials
  • a colourful presentation with eye-catching visual
  • engaging reading, listening or vocabulary activities
  • tasks and practice activities
  • real-time correction
  • end-of-lesson guided meditation practice
  • post-lesson quiz

Being part of this global discussion has never been easier. Take this course today!

Corinne V - English Teacher Headshot

Your trainer Corinne is a qualified and experienced Mindfulness Meditation Coach as well as an English Trainer and content creator. You will be in good hands!

9 thoughts on “English for Meditation”

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed it. It’s a niche subject which interests many but perhaps reading about it in English isn’t always easy. Thank you for taking the time to watch and leave your feedback.

  1. I enjoyed the lessons. Thank you.
    I don’t have any knowledges about meditation and yoga and so on, but I could learn many new things! It was fantastic!

  2. Dear Corinne,

    Thank you for your lessons.
    This course was excellent.
    I’m so lucky to take this course.
    I’m happy to improve my knowledge of Meditation.
    Very useful. I keep on practice meditation.
    Have a great weekend(*’▽’)

    Best regards,

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