Unit 1 ‘Mindfully, Resting in Awareness’

In this lesson we discuss the practice of meditation and you will learn key vocabulary related to meditation. Apart from the vocabulary you will also learn the basics of meditation.

You will learn the difference between:

  • mindfulness and meditation
  • awareness and intention
  • formal and informal practice
Meditating woman

I hope that you enjoy the end-of-lesson guided meditation practice, and I hope it will bring you peace.

Don’t forget to do the quiz after the lesson so you can test what you’ve learnt!

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I knew the word of ‘meditation’ for the first time.
The phrase that create space in mind is easy to understand.

Dear Aoi, my thanks for taking the time to comment. I am so pleased that you enjoyed this course and that the phrase ‘meditation creates space in the mind’ now holds special meaning for you! 🙂

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