Unit 4 ‘Coming home to the body’

The theme of this lesson is ‘Coming home to the body’. This means, being in the moment, body and mind in the same place at the same time. Indeed, coming home to the body is a kindness as this means practicing acceptance and being in a thought-free, calm frame of mind.

The guided meditation at the end of this lesson is a body scan. So the meditation practice will be an opportunity for you to listen out for, remember, and name the different body parts that you will learn during this lesson.

Woman standing on a hill

Some different body parts that you will learn are ‘temples’, ‘scalp’, ‘shins’ and ‘calves’ amongst others. 

I hope that you enjoy the body scan and that it brings you home to the body.

Don’t forget to do the quiz after the lesson so you can test what you’ve learnt!

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