Corinne V.

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Hello, my name is Corinne and I am a teacher of English with experience in Australia, Germany and Malta. In my 18 years of teaching I have taught many students at every level, and I specialise in Business English, Academic English and English for Professionals. I have also been the Director of Studies at two prominent English language schools, leading the academic team of teachers and teacher trainers, planning and implementing the strategy for the academic department, and in charge of welcoming, testing and counselling students throughout their stay.
I believe in making the student the center of the interactive and communicative lessons. I am always planning around your specific needs and requests.

What I most like about teaching is…

…the fact that I can help people from all over the world to achieve their dreams. Some might be studying English so as to change jobs, to work or live abroad, or even to enjoy their holidays more fully. Helping students work towards their goals is very rewarding and gives me a lot of professional satisfaction.

My best lesson

I think I am best at teaching grammar and pronunciation and then helping students to practise what we learn together. I have a vast theoretical knowledge and many years’ experience in how best to practise and apply what we learn in our lessons in practical real-life like situations.

My favourite activities

I love creating interactive activities for my lessons. By always approaching lessons interactively, students always have hands-on practice. I believe that theory and grammar need to be balanced by a lot of communicative opportunities, thus giving students time to activate the knowledge that we discover together. Apart from this, I like to approach learning from a student discovery angle, because what a student learns by discovery will be remembered for longer.

The best thing about teaching English is …

… meeting people from all over the world. For me, every teaching experience is a learning experience and I’m never tired of helping students to achieve their dreams, because each individual has unique aspirations and I simply love the process!

My teaching philosophy

My teaching philosophy is to always plan my lessons around the students’ individual needs. Students have different reasons for learning English, and a custom-made programme, tailor-made for each student’s request is more beneficial than a one-size-fits all approach.

Qualifications: BA (Hons) English Language & Literature; MA English Language; Cambridge CELTA and Trinity College DipTESOL.

Specialisation: Business English, Academic English, English for Professionals, English for Specific Purposes, Legal English, Maritime English, Teacher Training

Levels I teach: Intermediate B1 to Proficiency C2

Students I have taught: Adults & Professionals – from every part of the world, and at every level.

Languages I know: English, Maltese, Italian

Experience in teaching English: 18 years

Hobbies: I am a curious person with many different hobbies. As a lover of the sea, I am happier when I am in the water rather than out of it. I am a scuba diver and I try to swim all year round. I collect all kinds of sea treasures – seashells, sea glass, driftwood and shark teeth, and then I use these to make decorative household items or even costume jewellery. I am also an avid reader, with the genre of fantasy being my preferred category of books. Apart from these activities, I meditate daily and am a certified Mindfulness practitioner.

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