DELTA (Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) qualified teachers.

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This is one of the highest levels of qualification for an English teacher to foreign language students. DELTA is an advanced blend of theory and practice that provides professional development for teachers and gives you skills and techniques that will help you throughout the teachers’ career.

It takes a year of intensive training and enables the teacher to become a Director of Studies at schools, leading, mentoring and guiding other teachers.

Alan M - Englisg Teacher Headshot

Alan M.

Alan is a distinguished English trainer and book writer who has been prolific throughout Europe for Decades. Privileged to have him on our team.

Erna J - English teacher headshot

Erna J.

Passionate English teacher, with CELTA and DELTA who loves the outdoors, her beautiful dog and teaching English. Very qualified, talented and kind.

Corinne V - English Teacher Headshot

Corinne V.

Corinne’s vast knowledge of Business/Professional and Academic English will help you gain confidence in speaking English at work or college.

Justyna R - Director of Studies headshot

Justyna R.

Justyna is the driving force behind the entire online English Teaching School. Experienced, dedicated and highly qualified.

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