Stefanelle C.

Hello, I’m Stefanelle and I’m a TEFL and Cambridge CELTA qualified English teacher with 5 years of teaching experience. My passion is teaching and I teach both English and Yoga. I’ve taught students of all nationalities, levels and ages including young learners, teens and adults.
I’m a performer, trained professionally in ballet, jazz and contemporary dance.
Learning a language, and learning in general, is a path we choose – a path which also helps you to discover new things about yourself. I hope I can inspire you to understand your needs, dreams and desires through this journey – with me, you will learn English and perhaps something new about yourself.

What I most like about teaching is…

… that I get to help students develop their skills so that they can improve their English but more importantly their confidence.

My best lesson

It would definitely be one where students have direct involvement. One of them was when I asked my students to come up with new ideas to refurbish our school café and they even created menus and made posters. It was a super fun and interactive lesson!

My favourite activities

Games – these can be speaking board games, or team games when the classes are divided into groups, quizzes and charades!

The best thing about teaching English is…

.. when I can actually see the learning happening. No one is perfect but you can see when students want to improve so much that they will start trying harder and never give up. I love building amazing relationships with students who, sometimes, end up teaching me a lot in class as well.

My teaching philosophy

Learning is never one way. Just as much as students can learn from a teacher, a teacher can learn from a student. It’s a 2-way dialogue. Also, remember that the teacher doesn’t know everything.

Qualifications: Bachelor (Hons) in Dance Studies, Masters in Culture, Policy and Management, TEFL, Cambridge CELTA

Specialisation: Conversational English, Business English, English for Job Interviews, Academic English

Levels I teach: from Beginner/Starter to Upper Intermediate (C1)

Students I have taught: Young learners (5 to 8 years old), pre-teens (9 to 12 years old), teens (13 to 18 years old), adults

Languages I know: English, Maltese, French, Italian

Experience in teaching English: 5 years

Hobbies: Yoga, walks in nature, swimming, reading

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