Sample lessons with Justyna (CEO & Founder)

This a sample lesson is for students who are minimum Pre-Intermediate (A2+) level and/or any levels above.

Learn English Online Intermediate B1

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Improve your English knowledge and learn how to ask questions! In this lesson you will learn some useful tips on how to form questions using a 4-step techique you discover while watching the video.

This course consists of:

  • an introductory lesson about your first meeting online
  • a video-recorded lesson lead by a very experienced and well-qualified teacher
  • real-time exercises with immediate feedback
  • some useful tips on how to ask: ‘How are you?’
  • a series of post-video quizzes
  • a listening of a real-life like conversation between two native speakers
  • a series of listening comprehension questions

The sample lesson was designed by Justyna R. and Christina M.

Justyna R - Director of Studies headshot
Christina M. English Teacher headshot

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