Christina M.

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Hi! My name’s Christina. I’m a Cambridge CELTA qualified teacher and I’ve been teaching English for the last 30 years. Most of my teaching days were in Italy but since I moved to teaching online I enjoy meeting students of all ages, nationalities and different backgrounds. One of my strongest points is empathy. I have the patience to listen and talk to my students and that helps me to understand their needs, strengths and weaknesses – that is where I come in.  I don’t take anything for granted and I believe that success in learning English is: 50% of wanting to learn it, the other 50% is working hard to attain it!
I always tell my students ‘If I did it, then you can do it too!’

What I most like about teaching is…

… sharing my knowledge, inspiring my students to want to learn more.

My best lessons

are the ones where my students succeed in reaching their goals.

My favourite activities

… are interactive listening and reading classes, challenging my students to levels they would have never believed they could reach.

The best thing about teaching English is…

…walking into a classroom, whether online or not, looking at my students’ faces and knowing I am going to make them believe they can do it… and seeing they do.

My teaching philosophy

I joined this school because it was created by a group of teachers who love teaching, who believe in wanting to give back what we know and that is the real essence of teaching. I believe we really do a great job.

Qualifications:  Cambridge CELTA

Specialisation: General English, teaching reading/listening, teaching Beginner/Starter students

Levels I teach: Beginner/Starter (A1) to Intermediate (B1)

Students I have taught: young learners at elementary schools, teenagers at middle and high schools, adults

Languages I know: English, Italian, Maltese

Experience in teaching English: 30 years


Waking up early in the morning and going for walks with my partner, I love the sea and watching the sunsets. I also like to create my own materials for students, I love reading books and writing. 

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