Who/What is META online?

How did it all begin?

Earlier in 2020, we realised that there were a lot of people that wanted to learn English but were unfortunately unable to go to physical classrooms because of a horrible contagious disease going around the world (you know what disease!?).

So we began to give free online lessons to our students to help them and keep in contact. All our teachers worked for many years in schools so felt it was a good thing to do.

We continued to provide free lessons for many months and began to think of going fully online with a unique offering. We had long discussions and came up with META online school.

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Original poster for students

We are not like the other online schools. Unique Students require Unique Teachers. We believe that there’s a teacher for every student, every person is different and has a different style of learning, so are our teachers. We give you the opportunity to choose your teacher, the best one for you! The person you like, that will take care of your learning progress and help you improve in the best way for you

META online English teachers work with passion to better the experience for students
Working together

What we do differently

We are not like any other online English school.

Passion with experience

All our English teachers are veterans who have worked for many years in schools and online. We all believe that passion in what we do is fundamental to the learning experience.

Combined learning – working together

Video lessons/courses will help you learn, but combining that with virtual classrooms with one of our professional teachers is the best way forward. So we offer them combined in our subscription packages so we can work together.

Teaching English is a Passion, not a job

Justyna – META Founder

Where are we?

We are based in Malta, a lovely small Mediterranean island below Italy.

Malta has dual official languages of English and Maltese, with a long history connected to Britain. There are many English language schools based here as a popular destination to learn and enjoy the delights of the island.

Mdina in Malta where our teachers are based.
Panorama of the town of Mdina fortress aerial top view in Malta
Malta from the air where most of our English teachers are based.
Malta and sister islands from the air

Meet our teachers and learn English with passionate professionals

Each teacher chose a word they felt meant something.

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