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Japanese Internship Program

Japanese Internship Program *The translated version of this page in Japanese has been done by Google Translate (that is why we need help!) A basic knowledge of English is required, don’t have to be perfect, but we will have weekly meetings. Improve your English Why wait? Contact us now!

technical changes to META online english learning with regards to hosting and video mainly

Technical changes to website

Please let me know if you have any thoughts or comments, this is the situation for now, might change!? There is so much more I could have put in, from SSL choices, plugins, compression tactics, caching… on and on!!! Maybe another article someday?

Determination - - a word from our English teachers

Who/What is META online?

Passion and experience are the keys to understand META. Combined learning with video courses and dedicated English teachers will help you learn English in no time. We began with dedicated and professional teachers to create courses and guide you through to Learn English online.

free online lesson and quiz in English

Free online English video lesson and quiz

No registration required, watch our free online video lessons and take the quizzes to see how good your English is and improve. We aim to provide as much free as possible, watch the videos, follow the course and take the quiz.

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