META Learn English online courses are now free with no registration - Why?

Why are all the online English learning courses now FREE?

What has changed to the online English courses?

More has changed than you think!

So before getting into the ‘why’, let’s start with ‘what’ has changed on the META website for learning English online.

  1. Completely removed the requirement to register and login for students/clients
  2. Removed the eCommerce section to purchase courses or book teachers
  3. Simplified and reduced menu items and navigation
  4. Added more breadcrumb navigation to help get around the site
  5. Added more information about the teachers, their qualifications and made it easier to discover who they are
  6. Added more information and easier navigation to the courses available
  7. Simplified the footer to remove clutter
  8. Moved the website hosting and updated all code to be faster and more stream-lined
  9. Many other small adjustments, too numerous to list!

The above list is a summary of the mostly technical changes made to the website, with a lot of work and thought involved. We also placed a lot of focus on SEO improvements to help get the site noticed more. Especially with regards to the videos, adding more descriptive text and titles to explain them better.

We will be making more changes in the coming months, so stay tuned!
Abel Rogers (CTO/Founder)
Turning point and change direction for META learn English online

‘Why?’ and ‘What?’ we changed to our online English learning courses

Why META is changing into a free service to learn English online

Why have we changed the English Online Learning website and courses?

We listened and learnt from our experiences

Now to get to the meat of why we changed the online English learning courses to FREE! There are many factors we will explore and hope you appreciate and understand why we did this change.


META is a small start-up, during COVID, teachers in Malta came together to build their own English learning courses. We grabbed a camera and used our knowledge and experience teaching English to try to make something that is our own. We realised that we would not get rich, but hoped to have a small income to help us all through those rough times.

Our teachers managed to continue with their lessons via zoom, skype, etc. but wanted to supplement the lessons with an online platform of courses. I think they should be proud of what they created, a lot of work went into the course creation, video editing and configuration of the website.

However, we didn’t have much of a marketing budget to push the project further into the mainstream. Just a quick search and you will find many big players who have vastly bigger budgets for everything and we just couldn’t get noticed! Completely drowned out by the established and dominant suppliers.

Why is it all now FREE??

We don’t want to stop! There are maintenance and banking costs involved with selling online English courses which were not sustainable going forward. We didn’t want to let all that work go to nothing, so we have decided to give them for FREE to students and also other teachers as material to learn English.

Always look forward and never give up!

The future of META online virtual school

Never give up!

So what’s next? Re-focussing our efforts to make the site fast, clean, accessible and SEO friendly is a priority. We want to be seen as a platform/service that can be used by anyone for FREE.

We are in the process of doing that right now, but going forward you will begin to see some advertising around the site, we want to do this slowly and respectfully and hope you understand that hosting the website, maintenance, etc all have costs which we would like to cover at the very minimum.

Competition reviews

We will use our knowledge to start reviewing the various platforms, websites and apps out there for learning English or any language really to see which ones are best. We will be transparent in the fact that we will become affiliates so earning small commissions from those companies. This will not affect our responsibility to offer independent and honest reviews.

So stay tuned! More changes are coming and hope to provide the best advice, courses and anything related to learning English online.

Many thanks

Why META is changing into a free service to learn English online, future looking
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