What’s the best English accent?

English accents are confusing!

There are simply so many English accents! Let’s take the most common ones… British vs American. These two are the classic accents that everyone talks about and students’ request, but is it as simple as that? Do you mean Scottish or Welsh or London (cockney) for a British accent? Or East coast New York American accent, or a Southern drawl from the hot states like Texas? Whilst you can generalise the country, it becomes difficult when actually trying to learn or imitate them.

We discuss accents in our latest Teacher Talk Time series
Communication is more important than learning an English accent
Don’t worry too much, just be understood!

Communication is key

When learning English, people often focus far too much on accents rather than being understood and having fluency. We want you to be comfortable talking, be understood and understand other people, not trying to “blend in” and become like a native!

When to choose?

If you know you will mainly be communicating with e.g. either Americans or British, it’s far better to learn the spelling and phrases more often used from that region rather than the accent. I, personally, am British, so my spelling is slightly different from my American friends.

Foreign accents are sexy!

Most native English speakers would agree that a foreign accent can be the sexiest and most interesting accent! For example, in the UK, the French accent is often considered desirable, so why do you want to eliminate it!

Use your accent with Pride!

In conclusion, don’t worry too much about your accent, or choosing one to learn. Make sure you are understood, can keep the flow and rhythm in communication and keep your own accent, it’s part of who you are!

Keep your accent, use with pride!

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