Co-founder of www.meta.mt from a technical perspective with over 15 years as a developer and programmer, before that, was an English teacher for 7 years. The combination of the two allows a unique perspective!?

META Learn English online courses are now free with no registration - Why?

Why are all the online English learning courses now FREE?

What has changed to the online English courses? More has changed than you think! So before getting into the ‘why’, let’s start with ‘what’ has changed on the META website for learning English online. The above list is a summary of the mostly technical changes made to the website, with a lot of work and …

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Japanese Internship Program

Japanese Internship Program *The translated version of this page in Japanese has been done by Google Translate (that is why we need help!) A basic knowledge of English is required, don’t have to be perfect, but we will have weekly meetings. Who is this internship for? Example things you will be doing 3 months (or …

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Changes to META online website navigation, with particular focus on mobile accessibility

Design & Navigation Changes

What we changed Main navigation in the header (top of the page) has been updated for better usability, especially on mobile. We found that the mobile navigation was unnecessarily complicated, so we worked to simply it. On desktop, we changed the colours, separated the language switcher and a small animation when mouse-over the menu items. …

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Determination - - a word from our English teachers

Who/What is META online?

Passion and experience are the keys to understand META. Combined learning with video courses and dedicated English teachers will help you learn English in no time. We began with dedicated and professional teachers to create courses and guide you through to Learn English online.

free online lesson and quiz in English

Free online English video lesson and quiz

No registration required, watch our free online video lessons and take the quizzes to see how good your English is and improve. We aim to provide as much free as possible, watch the videos, follow the course and take the quiz.

why are non-native English speakers easier to understand

Why are non-native English speakers easier to understand?

Native, mother tongue English speakers are terrible at communication! Ok, let me clarify, when talking to any native speaker, they use colloquialisms, slang, dialect and turns of phrases that even they get confused about or misinterpret between them. For any non-native speaker, it’s a bewildering struggle to keep up with what’s going on. When a …

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