Welcome to META, Poland, Japan and Italy

META website now in Italian, Polish and Japanese!

Why translate when it’s a Learn English website?

We understand that many people are not comfortable enough to navigate and use our website only in English. Payment systems, account management and other areas are better handled in your native language.

However, we absolutely recommend that you use the site in English to help improve your learning experience, with the safety of switching when you really need.

What we didn’t translate and why

We left the courses, quizzes and lessons in English as we felt translating those would kinda defeat the purpose!

As of now, we also haven’t translated the news/blog/ideas section partly because of the difficulties in doing them, but again, wanted to see if there is a demand to do it before going ahead, let us know if you feel we should?

Friends together meeting, Polish, Italian and Japanese
Hello to new friends

We recommend you navigate and use this website in English… don’t be lazy, you are here to learn English!!

Many nationalities can have fun in English
We can’t say that joke in public!

What other languages?

We are investigating which markets we feel it best to translate into, we are considering Arabic and German for now. Again, let us know if there should be any others?

How are the translations?

Did we do a good job? We employed translators to put the languages in, but can never be 100% sure!? Please, please, please let us know if you see anything obviously wrong or confusing.

Please let us know if there are translation errors.

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