Martina C.

Martina C - English Teacher full photo

Hello there I’m Martina, a certified English teacher with a strong enthusiasm towards art and adventure. Also reading for a Masters in Art, I can relate to the needs of students and enjoy keeping lessons light and fun. I am passionate about learning, I know how important it is to engage and explore – inside and outside of the classroom!

What I most like about teaching is…

…meeting new people and getting to know them while helping them out… and seeing their expressions when they learn something new.

My best lesson

…is when students reach the point where they can work as a team to create something together while practising their English.

My favourite activities

Engaging the students’ imagination, which can include anything from planning their ideal city to creating innovative inventions!

The best thing about teaching English is…

…noticing that the more students learn, the more enthusiastically they start to express themselves and talk with each other.

My teaching philosophy

Creating a challenge that the students are ready to take up and seeing them improve as they apply what they have learnt. The journey to that new language point you aim to learn should be the most exciting part.

Qualifications: BA in Fine Art, TEFL, TELT, SEPPT

Specialisations: English applied to art

Levels I teach: from Beginners/Starters (A1) to Advanced (C1)

Students I have taught: from teens to adults of different nationalities (including students from Italy, Brazil and Arabic countries)

Languages I know: English, Maltese, Italian

Experience in teaching English: Teaching with META Consultancy from the start of my career means I have been exposed to a vast array of schools, all with different approaches, levels, ages and nationalities of students. Moreover, volunteering with refugee aid organisations has made me flexible in my teaching and adaptable in my approach.

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