English Pronunciation Course with Alan

In this course you will learn about and practise English pronunciation.

This short English Pronunciation course consists of ten video lessons. It is suitable for learners between Elementary (A1+) and Intermediate (B1). The course is ideal if you feel you need to become more confident when you speak so that people will easily understand what you say. Moreover, it is also very useful for improving your ability to understand people when they speak in fast, natural English.

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Each video lesson is divided into three parts, usually:

  1. the pronunciation of specific sounds and single words;
  2. pronouncing and understanding natural spoken English;
  3. the ‘music’ of English – intonation, for example, to sound friendly, interested and polite.

What is more, each lesson is interactive with lots of activities to try out to help you to really improve your pronunciation and to become a confident speaker of English.

Why three parts?

For many people, pronunciation means the pronunciation of individual sounds in English, especially those that are a bit difficult. We’ll show you how to make these sounds – and to pronounce difficult words – so that people can easily understand you.

Many of these sounds change their pronunciation when they’re pronounced in the company of other sounds and words – we call this connected speech. We give you help in how to pronounce common sequences of sounds in phrases, sentences and questions. Perhaps even more importantly, we give you tips and help on how to understand fluent speakers of English when they speak at natural speed.

And the third part? That’s intonation, or the rhythm and music of English. The direction in which our voice moves as we speak is so important to our meaning when, for example, we want to sound polite and friendly, or interested, or when we ask a question or want to keep our listener’s attention. It’s vital that we use the right intonation. If we don’t, we might be totally misunderstood.  But don’t worry, we’ll give you lots of help – and practice.

This course was designed and created by Alan M.

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