Talking about English

A showcase collection where team members talk about English with regards to various aspects. Tips, tricks or general discussion points

English Vocabulary boost with Erna

Vocab Boost

This is Vocabulary Booster course for Elementary to Upper-Intermediate level (A1-C1) students. This Vocabulary Booster course is for students who want to learn new words, phrases in English and also for those who would like to learn some strategies of how to learn new vocabulary. You will learn phrasal verbs, funny phrases, words that come …

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Formal English for Professionals

This course is perfect for anyone interested in learning English used in business and/or any professional environment. This course is made up of a series of lessons aimed at strong speakers of English who need to use English in their day-to-day working life. The aim of these 8 lessons is to help professionals fine-tune their …

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Starter / Beginner Video Course

This is a course for Starter/Beginner level (A1) students. Questo videocorso Principianti A1 è per gli studenti che vogliono iniziare o ricominciare con l’inglese che magari hanno abbandonato per qualche tempo. Imparerai un po ‘di vocabolario di base, tecniche per parlare e grammatica. Guarderai i video e farai un po ‘di pratica. How does it …

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Intermediate B1 Video Course

This 10 video lesson course is for Intermediate level (B1) students. Join me – Stefanelle – in this Intermediate course designed just for you. In this 10 video lesson course, you will improve your English knowledge. Deepen the understanding of grammar, expand on your vocabulary and become more fluent in both listening and speaking! Each …

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