Pronunciation Lesson 5

In this 3-part lesson, we will be looking at:

Part 1

Birmingham’s burning!

Here you’ll learn how to pronounce a common sound in English which doesn’t exist in many other languages. We show you how to get it right – and give you lots of practice.

Part 2

Eating ‘to’

In natural spoken English, it’s important to keep the rhythm and spend more time on the BIG sounds (the stressed syllables). So that means we need to pronounce words like to in a very different way when they’re in the company of other words.

Part 3


There’s OK! And OK. How do we make sure we sound enthusiastic and not bored or uninterested? What happens to our voice and intonation? Here we explore and practise this important social language skill.

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I have very much enjoyed these lessons and have learnt so many new things about pronunciation and intonation.?????

I thought intonation is very important to speak English!

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