Pronunciation Lesson 2

In this 3-part video lesson we will be looking at:

Part 1

Pronouncing the past

Can you pronounce these past tense verbs correctly?

answered                       worked                started

The –ed endings are all pronounced differently – and one of them adds an extra syllable.

Watch this short video and you’ll learn and practise:

  • three different ways of pronouncing past tense regular verbs.
  • some easy ‘secret’  tips for always pronouncing them easily and correctly.

Part 2

Stress in compound nouns

How can you find the BIG sounds – the word stress – in words made up of two nouns put together (compound nouns)?

Do we say TAXi driver or taxi DRIver? Which sound is the BIG sound?

In this short video you’ll learn about and practise:

  • some easy tips for knowing where to put the stress in compound nouns.
  • how to be more easily understood when you use compound nouns.

Part 3

Intonation in Wh- and How … questions

When we ask questions, the ‘music’ of our voice – the intonation – is very important. We need to get the right tune.

Watch this short video and learn and practise:

  • where to  start the ‘music’ – the intonation – in questions beginning with wh- such as why, what, where, when, who and with How… questions such as  How much …? How many…? How far …?
  • where to make the music – the intonation – change when you ask these questions.
  • how to make your voice – your intonation – fall with Wh- and How … questions.
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This was fun, with lots to learn – quizzing the mind and teasing the tongue, all in one! 🙂

Justyna R (Amministratore) Settembre 4, 2020 at 3:23 pm

Thank you Jelli, glad you enjoyed watching this lesson! Good luck with this course and others.

Great lesson. Thank you!

I found that English have some rules. In university, I had studied these rules. I am interested in it!

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