Pronunciation Lesson 7

In this 3-part lesson, we will be looking at:

Part 1

Make it shorter! Reduced syllables.

English can be a very tricky language when it comes to pronunciation. Sometimes we don’t pronounce all syllables – they are called ‘weak syllbles’. In this lesson you will learn which words are pronounced differently and how to say them correctly, you will do an exercise, listen and repeat in your own time.

For this lesson we recommend that you prepare a pen and a paper. You can also use your phone to record yourself and compare with the teacher.

Part 2

What teach say?

Very often learners really struggle to understand fast fluent speakers of English, because usually learners want to hear and understand every single word, and that’s a problem. Even native speakers don’t listen to every word, but focus on the words which have most meaning.

In this lesson you will learn a very useful and important skill of focusing your listening on important words when fast speakers of English speak.

Part 3

Oh no!!! That’s wrong! Changing stress to correct.

How to correct people when they get the wrong intonation or when we correct ourselves because we chandged our minds.

The devil is in the details, in this case it’s the stress!

Listen to this lesson to get some example scenarios when speakers correct each other or self correct, listen carefully to how the tutor pronounces the utterances and practise while you are listening! Again, you might want to record your voice and compare with how Alan says it.

Good luck and have fun watching this short and useful lesson!

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I learned “Information Words” for the first time. When I listen to English, I always pay attention to information words.

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