Erika C.

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Hi everyone, I’m Erika, I’m a qualified English teacher and I currently live in Malta. I lived in the Middle East for 7 years and in Italy where I taught English and Italian to foreigners in language schools and universities. Learning how to teach Italian first and English later, allowed me to deepen my understanding of the processes of learning as well as teaching a foreign language. When we learn a language we don’t make mistakes, everyday we make progress instead! 

What I most like about teaching is

… trying to make students’ life easier by helping them understand their best way to learn the language and helping them make their aims reachable.

My best lesson

When students show that something that was obscure before the class now has become clear and understandable.

My favourite activities

Activities in which I can use the materials that students have already with them (pics on their phones or realia in their homes) without overusing technology.

The best thing about teaching English is

… the continuous discovery of the language: teaching is the best way to learn the real essence of a language.

My teaching philosophy

Never leaving the “classroom” without making sure that students have learnt something new during my lesson.


Watching documentaries about countries I’ve visited and places I would like to visit, especially about Ancient Middle Eastern art and civilisations, listening to music (especially pop, rock and music played on the oud), astronomy, walking in the mountains, reading and discovering connections between different languages.

Qualifications: TEFL, Cambridge CELTA , DITALS (Certificate to teach Italian as a Foreign Language)

Specialisation: English and Italian

Levels I teach: Starter to Upper Intermediate

Students I have taught: Adults (especially Arabic/Russian/French/Italian speakers)

Language I know: English, Italian, French, Arabic

Experience in teaching English and Italian: 10 years

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