Japanese Internship Details

Japanese internship program - Malta

◆会社名:META Consultancy Ltd.


Online English language services to the Japanese market

  • Individual and business English language improvement lessons
  • Self study through video courses, quizzes and mixed learning techniques
  • Group courses with tailored learning programs


  1. Content creation and SEO research on the website
    • Research and create content with SEO in mind to help organic search results in Japan
    • Create web stories for dynamic content
  2. Social media
    • Managing and creating content for social media platforms (Instagram, Line and facebook)
    • Promote our services within Japan (ideas welcome)
  3. Video and graphic creation/editing
    • Creating promotional videos and graphics for Youtube and social media platforms. We will help/guide you in creating these 


  • 自ら考え行動できる人
  • 難しい課題にこそ、挑戦したいと意欲が高まる人
  • People who are creative and want to learn online marketing
  • People who are good communicators
  • A basic knowledge of English is required


  • Some knowledge of using graphic design and/or video editing principles
  • Basic knowledge of English
  • Learn how to research keyword and use advertising platforms
  • Use of social media to help promote


  • 3 months or more


  • 1 to 5

◆Program schedule

  • Day 1
    • Orientation of who we are, get to know each other and what your strengths are. (1-2 hours)
    • After a break: help setting initial research parameters (1 hour)
    • Business planning of work for following week
  • Week 1
    • We provide online support to help guide you in your first week (as requested)
  • Day 8
    • Second comprehensive review of work/research done
    • Create an agreed schedule of work for the following 3 weeks
  • Weekly meeting
    • Weekly review of agreed schedule of work
  • Monthly meeting
    • Review month work compared to schedule of work
    • Create following month schedule of work
  • General
    • We are online to help with any issues that may arise


  • Understanding the Japanese market to promote our services. You will learn how to use various methods and gain experience in implementing the research and ideas in a practical real-world context. The results of your work can be documented and be visible/referenced online for your future career as a successful promoter of services to any future project or work you may want to do. Benefit from working in English and Japanese with an international and lively team of European employees!
  • Experience working with European company
  • Experience website management and content creation
  • Experience in graphic design and/or video creation
  • Experience professional social media management
  • Experience working in online marketing strategies and implementation

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