Unit 5 Listening and Reading Practice

In this video lesson you will practise your listening and reading skills simultaneously. You will listen to an authentic, personally written story about two people who fell in love. During the video you will need a pen and paper as there are questions scattered throughout the story that you will need to answer. Don’t worry this lesson will keep you engaged. There is also a group challenge for all our students at the end of the video, so keep watching!

You will:

  • learn new vocabulary – verbs from the reading and their meanings;
  • better understand the reading by answering some prediction questions;
  • further elaborate and study new expressions from this lesson;
  • be constantly engaged by predicting/ writing the story with me.

I designed this lesson to help you feel the joy and love of reading a simple, short story in English.

Don’t forget to do the quiz at the end! ?

Enjoy listening and reading!

Correction: [00:00:16-00:00:57] “wonder off” The correct is “wander off”

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I want to read long reading. I want to enhance my skills.


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