Unit 3 Listening Practice – a dialogue

In this video lesson you will practise your listening and, indirectly, your reading skills. You will listen to a dialogue, an authentic conversation between two people, you will then have to answer some comprehension questions. There is a group challenge for all our students at the end of the video, so keep watching!

This lesson:

  • is built around a real conversation between two people,
  • is NOT invented – this is how people really speak!
  • is full of everyday expressions and idioms,
  • includes comprehension questions that will help you get a better understaing of the dialogue.

I designed this lesson to support you in your development of learning, creating and producing your own language effectively by applying listening for gist and for details tasks.

Don’t forget to do the quiz at the end! ?

Enjoy listening!

Correction: [1:08] “look for mischief” The correct is “get into mischief”

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