Intermediate B1 Video Course

This 10 video lesson course is for Intermediate level (B1) students.

Learn English Online Intermediate B1

Join me – Stefanelle in this Intermediate course designed just for you.

In this 10 video lesson course, you will improve your English knowledge. Deepen the understanding of grammar, expand on your vocabulary and become more fluent in both listening and speaking!

Each Unit will be split in 2. One is the main video lesson which is then followed up with a real-life conversation or a game.

Each of the units on this course will consists of:

  • a video-recorded lesson lead by a very experienced and well-qualified teacher – Stefanelle C.
  • exercises which you can do while pausing the video and correct in real time.
  • summary of the lesson at the end
  • useful tips that will be useful and help you use the grammar point in day to day conversations
  • a series of post-video quizzes
  • a listening of a real-life like conversation between teachers

Study from the comfort of your home!

Whenever! Wherever!


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