Lesson 2 – Your Artistic Vision

In this lesson you will learn how to summarise a text by using 4 simple steps – the keys to being concise! I will also be talking about creating and writing your Artistic Vision in English.

BUT why is summarising so important?
People have short attention spans or are very busy with other meetings or pitches – so keeping the listeners interested while still giving them all the juicy information and will help keep you one step ahead of everyone else! 

During this lesson we will also work towards writing your Artistic Vision – this is a one liner which instantly gives the reader an idea of what your art is all about. What is great is that it can be broadly used, what I mean is that it can be used in many places – perhaps in your artist social media profile, at the start of a presentation or at the top of your artistic CV.

By the end of this lesson you will have created your own Artistic Vision!

When you finish watching this video lesson, test your memory. Take the end of lesson quiz about this lesson.

Good luck!

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I’ve never thought of artistic vision, but I knew about new way to think.

I thought about a picture to find my artistic vision! ☺️

I will make a colourful art experiment this evening but I don’t have any ideas.
So I look for a lot of paints and colours because I will be born with this art’s image. I want to draw a mysterious one because I want people to be curious about my art! I’m very excited to complete my work!

colourful, idea , image , curious , excited , experiment

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