Lesson 5 – The Artist’s studio

This is a vocabulary based lesson. You will learn a lot of new expressions straight from the artist’s studio. I am sure you already know some of these words, some are maybe the same in your language, but a lot of them are unique and really worth learning if you ever set up your own studio abroad or if you end up in a situation when you need to buy your media from English websites or English speaking vendors. This compendium will definitely be useful to you!

Why should we learn vocabulary from one topic group?

In order to remember new words quicker and easier, it’s best if you learn words from one topic group. For example, if you see words that are related to traditional art, you could start a page in your notebook, where you list all of them with the pronunciation, a definition in English or an image that shows the meaning.

Also in this lesson, words that we teach are divided into 3 groups:

– traditional media

– installations and sculptures

– ceramics

With this lesson we also give you a full glossary of all words presented in this video.

We hope you find it useful.

When you finish watching this video lesson, test your memory. Take the end of lesson quiz about this lesson.

Good luck!

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There were many visual aids, it help me to understand. I knew a lot of vocabs related with art.

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