Pronunciation Lesson 9

In this 3-part lesson, we will be looking at:

Part 1

Mix-up 1!

In this lesson we are going to have a look at words that are often confused / mixed-up by learners of English. You will listen to an authentic story, a comical situation that happened once to the teacher. You will do a fun quiz guessing different confusing words and you will learn their meaning and pronunciation. You will also listen to some sentences with these words – a fun exercise to practise tongue twisters designed especially for you by Alan.

Don’t worry if the lesson is a bit fast, you can hit the pause button anytime, you can slow down the speed of the video and you can practise saying the words when nobody is listening in order to make it perfect!

For this lesson we recommend that you prepare a pen and a paper. You can also use your phone to record yourself and compare with the teacher.

Part 2

Just drop it! Consonant clusters.

We’re going to look at a pronunciation tip – how to say words/sentences which have a lot of consonants together.

You will do a short questionnaire about small experiences in your life and you will listen to my friend’s answers 🙂 Then you will learn which letters in consonant clusters you can ‘drop’ and why! You will also do an exercise practising spotting those clusters and you ‘listen and repeat’ to make your pronunciation perfect for next time!

Part 3

Oh! Aw! Two importand vowel sounds.

We’re going to learn about two important vowel sounds ‘oh’ and ‘aw’. You will play with me a short word game and then using these words I will teach you, step by step, how to make these common sounds correctly. You will have plenty of practise and you will learn many new words. Remember that you can also use your phone to record yourself and compare with the teacher.

Next time you say ‘Oh! Awesome!’ you will say it correctly and with confidence!

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I thought that tips of vowel, consonant and dropping are so important to pronounce English words. Whether I know about it or not, it would be affect English pronunciation. I would like to think them more.

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