Pronunciation Lesson 4

In this 3-part lesson, we will be looking at:

Part 1

Full or fool?

Here are two sounds that learners often have difficult distinguishing between, and making. Here we look at some useful tips.

Part 2

I can swim but I can’t ski

Strong or weak auxiliaries? Most auxiliary verbs in English have two different pronunciations when they’re spoken naturally and it’s important to pronounce them differently – otherwise people may misunderstand you. If you can learn both pronunciations, this will help you to understand fast spoken English and will also help you to sound more natural when you speak.

Part 3

Asking nicely

When we make requests, we need to make the right music with our intonation. If we don’t, we might sound rude and unfriendly – and not get what we want!

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Fantastic!! Thank you!

It is so interesting! I want to speak English right now!

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