Lesson 3 ‘Binomials’

In Lesson 3 ‘Binomials’ you are going to learn about a group of expressions which consist of two words separated by a conjunction (and, or…) and they usually appear in the same order in English. For example, ‘black and white’ and ‘salt and pepper’.

This video lesson includes a modern strategy of learning new vocabulary, where we learn in chunks, not word by word. Like this, you will learn useful expressions that you can use in exams or in everyday English. Super useful! 🙂

You will learn:

  • new expressions, called binomials
  • different categories of binomials to help you understand how they work
  • modern strategies of learning
  • phrases that you will need to be more fluent
  • expressions that can come handy when preparing for exams

Don’t forget to do the quiz at the end! ?

Enjoy learning!

Download Lesson 2 Student Materials

Please, download the .pdf file with this lesson’s student materials.

You will benefit the most if you print them out and use them while watching the lesson.

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I heard the word of binomials for the first time. Almost of all words were first time for me, so it was little difficult to remember. However, it was really interesting, especially alliteration because I thought it was like slang term. I cannot learn these expressions at high school and university, so it was very good opportunity.

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