Lesson 3 – Artistic CV

Previously, we discussed your artistic bio and artistic vision and in this lesson, will be now moving on to your CV.

But wait, what could possibly be the difference?

If you recall, an artistic bio is in a paragraph format, and gives the reader an idea of who you are, where you come from – personally, professionally and conceptually, and where you’re going with your education or career.

Your artistic vision was a summary of the above, written in a short – usually one paragraph – form, striking and memorable.

In this lesson we will now focus on your artistic CV – especially its structure. I will guide you step by step through the writing process, I will show you examples, I will talk about things you have to be careful with – like punctuation, so that as a result of this lesson you will be able to write your own artistic CV in English following an International format.

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I learned about the meaning of CV and how to write CV. Thank you so much.

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