Lesson 1 Artistic Bio – A complete guide

In this lesson I will be talking about creating and writing your Artist’s Biography in English. Artistic Bio is a very important text for any artist! Some might say it is an extension of your Business Card, a way you advertise yourself and present yourself and your art to the world. So let’s begin!

You will learn:

  • What is an Artist’s Biography
  • How to structure your Bio
  • How to write an Artistic Bio for an employer
  • How to write an Artistic Bio for an art gallery or an exhibition
  • What differences there are between those two types of Artistic Bio
  • What vocabulary to use when writing your Bio
  • What grammar tenses to use and why

By the end of this lesson YOUR Bio will be ready!

When you finish watching this video lesson, test your memory. Take the end of lesson quiz about this lesson.

Good luck!

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