English idioms with Erika and Greg


The aim of this course is to help you and teach you the joy and passion for learning idiomatic language. Like the idioms in your own language, idioms in English make the language more colourful, but sometimes can cause confusion. In this course you will learn a lot of new idioms that are commonly used in everyday situations.

This course is suitable for all levels – from Elementary (A1) and upwards (A2-C1)

What is an idiom?

When we are using an expression in which the words are in a fixed order and create a particular meaning which isn’t the literal one, we are using an idiom. If we say “There are dark clouds on the horizon” we don’t mean there are real clouds in the sky, but that there are some problems which are getting closer.

Idioms are found in all languages and they tell us a lot about traditions and culture of the speakers of that particular language. Idioms form the backbone of everyday natural English and by better understanding them, you too will improve your communication in English.

dark clouds on the horizon

This series of lessons deals with food idioms because food is an essential part of our daily life and the English language offers many examples of interesting food idioms. 

Every lesson gives you the possibility to revise what you’ve learnt by doing some quizzes and accessing the scripts of the videos.

If you want to speak English and are struggling to understand idioms this course is for you!

This course is not divided into levels because idioms are very useful at any time and they can be encountered at every level!

Start learning English from the comfort of your home!

Whenever! Wherever!

This course was designed and created by Erika C. and Greg N.

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