Lesson 4 – Social Media for Artists

In this lesson we will focus on content for your online presence. We are going into some vocabulary and language trends used in social media!

Why artists should not neglect Social Media presence?

Nowadays, art dominates a number of Social Media platforms, especially the ones that focus on images or videos. I understand that some of you might not like sharing your artworks on those platforms for many reasons – being boxed into one category, giving up your credits or rolayties, being afraid to be seen as common. These are all valid points and it is entirely your choise to present your work online.

However, if you decide that this is what you want to do, there are a few key points you should know. Also, creating an account in English will automatically place you in a different range of possible followers.

So in this, very important lesson, you will learn about:

– the importance of using verbs to describe your work

– social media slang

– categories and being able to relate your artwork to a specific group

– hashtags

By the end of this lesson you will have practised all the above AND you will have created your own Social Media post!

When you finish watching this video lesson, test your memory. Take the end of lesson quiz about this lesson.

Good luck!

Collapse Comments

Social media slang was interesting. Hashtag is familiar for me.

Christina M (Group Leader) 6月 14, 2024 at 8:39 am

I enjoyed every minute of the videos. The lessons are great!

Learning English subconsciously has no limits, and these lessons facilitate just that. We learn English in the most natural way!

Thank you Martina for sharing your expertise in the subject, and most importantly, in English….


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