A1ユニット5「パンケーキを作る(Making Pancakes)」

ユニット5「パンケーキを作る(Making)」では、レシピを発見します!このビデオレッスンには、キッチンでの課題が含まれています。 ?


  • レシピに必要な語彙
  • いくつかの成分の名前
  • 可算名詞(countable)と不可算名詞(uncountable)について
  • さまざまな種類の容器(containers)について

最後にクイズをお忘れなく! ?


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You will benefit the most if you print them out and use them while watching the lesson.

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I introduce “Omurice”.
Omurice is a Japanese dish that is combination of omelet and rice.
It ’s very easy to make and very popular dish in Japan.

Ingredients: butter, rice, minced pork or beef, eggs, onions, ketchup.
① Fry the butter and chopped onions in a frying pan until tender.
② Fry rice, onions and meat in a frying pan.
③ Put ketchup there and fry.
④ The finished ketchup rice is wrapped in eggs like a crepe.

Check out the Omurice ?


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