B1 Unit 3 ‘Giving opinions’

In this video lesson you are going to learn new phrases that you can use to give your opinions.

In this lesson you will:

  • become more familiar with the meaning of the different phrases
  • learn which phrases show strong and weak opinions
  • learn which phrases can be used in formal or informal settings.

You will also be testing your reading and listening skills. You will read and listen to different texts and answer questions related to these texts.

Download Unit 3 Student Materials

Please download the .pdf file with this lesson’s student materials.

You will benefit the most if you print them out and use them while watching the lesson.

After watching this video, you will become more confident in giving your opinion – whether you agree, disagree or have a neutral opinion.

When you finish watching this video lesson, test your memory. Take the end of lesson quiz about this unit. You have 10 minutes to complete the quiz.

Good Luck!

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