Introductory Lesson

In this lesson we will be talking about our first time online with someone new! How do you usually introduce yourself in formal and informal situations?  

You will learn how to say ‘Hello’, what questions you can ask and how to keep a conversation going. You will also learn some useful phrases we use to end a conversation online.


Download Student Materials

Please download the .pdf file with this lesson’s student materials.

You will benefit the most if you print them out and use them while watching the lesson.

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4. Do you live with your family?
I’m living alone since 2015. I started travel and now I’m not living on the same town that my family, but I’m not so far, so I can go to visit them every now and then.

It was a great lesson! Very useful language, thank you very much! 🙂

Encouraging start to trying out this process, thanks!

1. What is your favorite food?
ans. My favorite food is matcha flavor food like ice cream.

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