Can speaking to your pet in English help you learn

Can speaking to your pet in English help you learn?

Chocco (Chocolate) is the META mascot and a rescue dog when abandoned at 7 weeks old!

Want to give some link love to the sanctuary where we got him, they do great work and need all the help they can get;

Enough about our lovely Chocco, can talking to your pet in English help you learn?

Do you talk to your pet? I know I talk to mine all the time! I don’t think am crazy, because I see people do it constantly, in the park, at home, walking, just about everywhere for anything.

I also have friends who are non-native and seem to prefer to speak to animals in their native language, it’s instinctive for people to do that. The pets don’t mind, they go with body language and tone of voice rather than the actual words being said.

So why not speak to them in English to help practise common sayings and gain better fluency through repetition?

Hamsters eating cheese... talk to them in English
What are you saying?

People speak to their pets all the time, so why not in a different language? Animals understand more from body language and tone of voice.

Choose the words you want to practice saying to your pet
There’s a big choice?

Some phrases that are very common

  • Let’s go walkies
  • Are you hungry? Dinner time.
  • Go to your bed.
  • Who’s a good boy/girl?
  • What have you done?
  • Don’t do that!
  • What a lovely boy/girl!

Why not simply talk!

I talk to my dog all the time when alone, it’s a type of therapy. He doesn’t judge, listens carefully and seems to enjoy the attention, am usually relaxing in the evening. So why not start practising your English with them?

Pets don’t judge. When alone, I talk to my dog all the time!

Do you talk to your pet?

Let me know in the comments below if you talk to your pet and what do you say?

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