B1 Unit 1 ‘Present Perfect vs Past Simple’

In this video lesson you are going to learn how to form the present perfect for positive and negative sentences as well as questions. You will also learn the difference between present perfect and past simple and how to use these tenses.

In this video lesson you will be provided with many interesting examples of the these tenses. You will also discover some very useful tips on how to use them in conversations, especially when meeting someone new.

Download Unit 1 Student Materials

Please download the .pdf file with this lesson’s student materials.

You will benefit the most if you print them out and use them while watching the lesson.

This lesson will help you increase your confidence when talking about past experiences and asking your new friends questions about themselves!

Correction: [00:17-01:50 ] “bunjee” The correct is “bungee”

When you finish watching this video lesson, test your memory. Take the end of lesson quiz about this unit. You have 10 minutes to complete the quiz.

Good luck!

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Great video and good platform

Christina M (Group Leader) April 13, 2021 at 5:20 pm

Thank you Karina! Nice to hear so… I hope you’ll enjoy the rest of the course.

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