Unit 1 Reading Practice ‘Hope and Wish’

In Unit 1 ‘Hope and Wish’ video lesson you will practise reading skills. You will be given a short story to read, you will then read and listen to the tutor and will have to answer a few comprehension questions.

In this lesson:

  • You will discover a new way of understanding verbs ‘wish’ and ‘hope’
  • Hope and Wish will take us to their own world of meaning through a story
  • You will learn about a grammar point – when, how and what to use with ‘wish’ and ‘hope’
  • You will need to answer a few comprehension questions about the reading,
  • BUT don’t worry! You can pause the video at any time, you will also be given answers to all activities in real-time!

Download Unit 1 Student Materials

Please download the .pdf file with this lesson’s student materials.

You will benefit the most if you print them out and use them while watching the lesson.

Don’t forget to do the quiz at the end! ?

Enjoy reading!

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I understood hope is possible and wish is impossible. It was a little bit difficult for me. I thought I have to enhance my reading and listening skills:)

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