For EFL Schools

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Services for EFL Schools:  

Offers can be purchased separately or as a combination package for your EFL School, as per request.

Flexibility is key.

Teacher Development
Supply Teachers Bank
Two Tailor-Made CPD Sessions
Advertise Your CPD on Our Website
Helping Hand
Supply Teachers Bank
Two Tailor-Made CPD Sessions
Request CVs
We Need Staff
Supply Teachers Bank
Advertise Your Vacancy on Our Website
Request CVs

Offer 1. Supply Teachers Bank – in case of emergency at your school

Offer 2. Tailor-made face-to-face or online CPD sessions

Offer 3. Professional Lesson Observations of your existing teachers

Offer 4. Request CVs of teachers if your school is looking for part-/full- time teachers

Offer 5. Course syllabi design and test design

Offer 6. Tailor-made materials for ESL students

Offer 7. Advertise your available teaching positions

Offer 8. Advertise your in-house CPD sessions

Offer 9. Consultancy for start-up EFL schools

Offer 10. Tailor-made team-building events for your school staff and/or teachers


We invite all EFL schools in Malta to cooperate with us and join us on a journey in providing the best quality of language services to students from all around the world!

If your teacher called in sick, we will help you find a replacement.

If you are looking to hire new teachers, we can introduce you to people who decided to cooperate with us. We will speed up the process of hiring because all teachers are already screened by us and have a valid ELT Permit!

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If your existing teachers need to do some CPD, we will find out what topics they would like to cover and prepare tailor-made, high-quality sessions.